health there is no smell

health there is no smellThe law “About bases of health protection of citizens in the Russian Federation” prepared by the health Ministry, will change the entire legal framework of health care in the Russian Federation. Interested agencies found in document a lot of dark spots and ambiguities, and the medical community is confident that the adoption of this law eliminates free medicine and cause increased mortality.

The preparation of the bill was not easy. The text is directed to the State Duma in late April, is a fourth version of the document. The health Ministry has repeatedly stated that the bill has received the full approval and support of the expert community. However, in fact, on the personal order of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, adoption of the new law, the Duma decided to discuss again. Continue reading

comes from the past

comes from the pastMan is a holistic organism, unique, special, with all its advantages and disadvantages, thoughts and desires, emotions and attitude to, and his health and ailments. It is so treated by the doctors to the ill patient in the past. Until the 20th century self-respecting family of Russia, especially among the nobility, had his personal family doctor, who enjoyed the full trust of the family and knew all about the health status of each member. In the rural areas from all ailments relieved Zemstvo doctor who, typically, was a General practitioner, a pediatrician and a surgeon at the same time. He was treated and eye diseases, and diseases of the ear, nose and throat, and skin and venereal diseases, and even dental. The patient to the healer of that time was a single unit, rather than the sum of the arms, legs, head and body. Farther than others in treating the person, not the disease, B18-century stepped homeopathy. Continue reading

medicine of the future is created in ASU

medicine of the future is created in ASUImplemented by the Russian Government Strategy of development of medical science for the period till 2025 became the basis for the development of the concept of the Federal target program for development of innovative medical technologies.

In this direction the most active development today received Biomedicine. In particular, the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova in one of his speeches said that “the development of Biomedicine is the basis not only of the perspective of human development, changes in approaches to restore health, increase life expectancy, but also the basis for the Biosafety of the Russian population”. Continue reading

the child was diagnosed with genetic sequencing

the child was diagnosed with genetic sequencingIn a new article published in the journal New England Journal of Medicine, described a case of a rare disease afflicting the American teenager. Despite the constant testing and modern methods of treatment, his brain continued to swell. The doctors were at a loss.

Only new sequencing technique to analyze the genetic material in the cerebrospinal fluid of the boy revealed the culprit: leptospirosis, an acute infectious disease that 14-year-old picked up while swimming on vacation in Puerto Rico.

Currently, this method of diagnosis is not available to most physicians, however, experts predict him widespread in the future.

We hope we will soon be able to offer this method any patient with any infectious disease. Continue reading

Bach flowers?

Bach flowers?≡ Digestion > Treatment of gastric > the medicine of the future – Bach flowers?

Bach flowers are called drugs that are plant-based. They were created by doctor Edward Bach in 1930 and is recognized by the world health organization. According to the doctor Bach, properly extracted from wild species of flowers (not including key water sources, which is famous for its unique properties), 38 Bach Flowers support the innate balance and promotes harmonization in case of trouble of a personal nature or changes in emotional state. Continue reading

You can start treatment before the symptoms

You can start treatment before the symptomsThe word – our expert, the academician of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences and Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of medical Sciences Vladimir Zelman .

A systematic approach

Approach to the study of diseases at the genetic level will give staff a more accurate knowledge, creates a less generic, more accurate classification of diseases. This leads to the appearance of an individual approach in the treatment of diseases, to the development of so-called 4 P‑medicine, whose founder is the head of the Institute for systems biology (USA), Professor Leroy hood, who proposed the basic principles and the name of the new direction of health. Continue reading